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Featuring the first chapter of

"I Remember"- a futuristic sci-fi romance

Margaret can remember every inch of him even though it's been three years. Three years since he'd rowed away from the uninhabited island that was now her prison.

He told her to wait, so that's what she did; at least until an aggravating strangely-dressed old woman appeared on the shore.


Now she is faced with a decision. Stay on the island, where her husband promised he would one day return? Or go with this crazy woman who claims she is from the future?

Tales in a Flash Ep 1
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I'm a.....

“First, find out what your hero wants, then just follow him around.” —


author of Fahrenheit 451

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We are a diverse group of people brought together through our common love for the written word. Writers share their stories through various mediums, and readers are given access to brand-new not-yet-found, authors. WIN-WIN

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To provide readers with exceptional, innovative literature that inspires and engages the senses, through exclusive access to our library.
To champion the voice of writers less known.

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First Issue-Lit Blurb.png

We produce a literary magazine that showcases the talented works of writers from across the globe.  Each issue features short fiction, poetry, and hand-drawn illustrations all told from diverse perspectives.  

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Tales in a Flash features fresh new flash fiction narrated over each episode. We feature all types of fiction from historical to romance to sci-fi to punk-metal [is that a real genre?]. Find out. 

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― Dr. Seuss