We realize that the needs of every author are completely different as they scale this mountain we call 'publishing.'  That's why we've made it really easy for you to pick and choose the types of services that you would need for your unique project.  

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developmental editing

Let our professional developmental editors polish up your manuscript so that it shines!  Our editors will comment on your manuscript, giving you suggestions for how your character and plot development can be improved.  You'll also receive notes on the following:  the general structure, tone, and flow of your novel; the level of intrigue and suspense that is currently in your writing; follow-through with promises made to the readers, vivid descriptions of settings, and construction of characters that are unique, memorable and relatable.  

Hiring a professional editor to review your novel is of epic importance for all authors, no matter how they would like to publish their books.  Traditional publishers love seeing books that have been professionally reviewed, and Amazon readers love a quality book that makes sense.  You really can't go wrong.

Pricing:  $.02/ per word

Need Help Getting Started?

Our talented team of published authors and writing coaches will hold your hand through the process of writing your book, and publishing it.


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book design

We have a team of highly skilled professional book designers that are ready to make your book stand out, even in an inundated book market!

Our designers create unique book covers using leading graphic design software such as the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs (Indesign, Photoshop & Illustrator).  To have a look at the types of designs that they've created in the past, check out the designs posted on our

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Design Packages:

Front & Back Cover: $300

Interior Design:        $150

Full Book Design:    $450

Talk Show Set

book promotion

Our team of industry-leading book promo specialists can take your book from a no-show to an A-lister.  

We have the resources and contacts to stimulate more awareness of your book globally, which will inevitably stimulate sales.  We use our database of Media Contacts, Blog & Podcast Mega Book Influencers, and Stellar Book Promo sites that can garner sustainable attention for your book.  We are also social media pros, website design gurus, and SEO/Optimization experts.

Want to Get Started?  

Our Promotion specialists will draft a promotion plan that is specific to your goals as an author and your budget. 

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