Everyone has a story.  Some authors just need extra support to get it out to the public.  That's where we come in.  We take our passion for excellent writing, and our publishing know-how and support authors in their journey to reveal amazing new stories that just NEED to be told.


Our Community was developed by three Canadian authors, Hazel Dains, Tamara Linse, and Lyndsay Stonecreek who have an equal passion for the written word and a desire to support authors who are new to the intricacies of the current publishing industry.   

HAZEL DAINS,  Coordinator & Host of A Thousand Lives Lived Podcast.

 is a published Canadian author who has primarily focused her efforts on science fiction novels.  Over the last four years, she has published a children's picture book, a middle-grade fiction book, and book one of her sci-fi series "The Danger of Exposure." She has several novels currently on the go, including a historical fiction novel set in 1st century Rome. 

TAMARA LINSE,  Founding CEO, and Acquisitions Editor for A Thousand Lives Lived 

is a seasoned American turned Canadian author who has spent most of her writing career writing literary fiction but has recently pivoted her efforts towards science fiction. Her most recent release is "The Language of Corpses," which was included in Kirkus Review's Top 100 Indie Books for 2021.   


LYNDSAY STONECREEK Lead Acquisitions Editor & Developmental Editor for A Thousand Lives Lived, 

is a published Canadian author and professional developmental editor.  She specializes in helping new authors in supporting authors in their publishing journey from the writing stage to book design and promotion.  She is an amazing artist and has a high concept of what makes a story memorable and unique.  

We have created this open community for writers and readers in celebration of our love for the written word. We hope that our passion is contagious and inspiring to both writers and readers who are looking for a new way to interact with stories.

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