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WRITERS: Learn from two of the best Indie authors in the bis, Tamara Linse and Hazel Dains.  Both have had several years of experience in the publishing industry as editors, designers, writers, and avid bloggers. Tune in as they share unique perspectives on every day #writerslife topics from self-editing to worldbuilding.  


READERS: Join in as authors Linse & Dains discuss the writing technique, deep themes, symbolism, and much more in their review of bestselling novels like "Project Hail Mary," by illustrious sci-fi novelist Andy Weir and rising stars on the #Indieauthor front. 

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7 Angry Monsters of Writing &
How to Vanquish Them

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Organizing Your Time

Hosts: Hazel Dains & Tamara Linse

One of the hardest things to do, especially for a writer that is just starting out, is to be organized enough to even write at all.  Most of us have full-time jobs, families to look after and other life things to think about while also trying to write a novel.  So how do you get yourself organized enough to write anything? Our hosts  will tell you what they have done to manage their writing careers along with all their personal responsibilities as mothers, wives, cooks, cleaners, and working professionals.


Managing Your Productivity

Host: Hazel Dains 

Managing your time and productivity as a writer go hand in hand.  The truth is, writing as a career is difficult because we don't get paid until the first piece is published.  And the more we produce the more we make. So there is a push to get something finished.  We want a finished product more than anything.  So how do you stay on track with your projects so that you don't have six or seven partially finished novels on your desk?  Author and Host Hazel Dains will tell us her tricks.

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Taking a Break

Host: Hazel Dains 

Writing is not easy, whether you pursue it as a hobby or a career.  And the process of finishing a writing process can be tiresome.  So, it's not a wonder that we want a break every once in a while.  But there are times when we are tempted to take breaks for the wrong reasons.  Author Hazel Dains will walk us through how we as writers should be thinking about breaks, and how to formulate your breaks so that they do not harm your confidence level and even your career.

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Giving Up an Idea

Host: Hazel Dains 

This is probably one of the hardest monsters to vanquish.  As authors, we know that in every novel or short story or really any writing piece, you have some sort of emotional attachment to it.  It came from your head and heart and it took a lot of time and effort to write it.

Facing rejections, or having zero contributions on our crowdfunding schemes, is a reality that most writers need to face.  Even the best of us.  When we are facing rejection or lack of attention for a story idea that we think is great, we need to be brave enough to step back and answer a few questions honestly: 1) Is my book unique enough? 2) Is there a market for my book?  3) Is my book constructed and written well enough.  Instead of taking the answers to these questions as evidence of failure, we should take them as opportunities to find our errors and improve. 

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Host: Hazel Dains 

Self-editing is a pain-staking challenge for most authors.  But it is 100% necessary.  In this episode author, Hazel Dains talks about her experiences with self-editing, how she does it, and how you can improve your current regime. She also answers a few questions that she hears on a daily basis as a professional developmental editor,  1) How many drafts do most novels go through? AND

 2) Should I hire a professional editor?


The Writer's Amusement Park

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How to Handle Rejections

Host: Hazel Dains 

Rejections are difficult for anyone to face, in life and on the computer screen. But I assure you that, especially once you've finished a project, rejections will become part of your everyday life. The first one hurts, but as you get about ten or twenty, the pain lessens. Remember that rejections do not mean that you are a terrible writer. It means that competition is fierce and that the industry is highly subjective, meaning it is dependent on the individual tastes and styles of literary agents and publishers to accept your projects. Bottom line: don't take it personally.


How to Market Your Book

Host: Hazel Dains 

Every writer has to do their own marketing, even if they are traditionally published. That is a fact that I didn't necessarily know when I started writing novels. It can be really hard to put yourself out there as a brand. You're probably not used to that type of attention in your normal life. Most of us are not pre-made celebrities and don't want to be one either. So how do you deal with the necessity to have an 'author platform' and what are some tips for marketing? Now, we are going to cover book promotion strategies that work, in another podcast series so this podcast is going to be incredibly basic.