Five Reasons You Should Work with a Hybrid Publisher

Updated: Jun 9

Let’s face it, in the past hybrid publishers have had a bad rap. And we know it. We know authors have had to deal with the murky waters of disreputable companies and false claims.

We’re different. We Promise. Do you know why we’re different? Because we actually care about the art of writing. We care about the book craft. And most of all we care about authors because we are authors ourselves.

The whole reason why we started this company is so that we could be authors, of what we wish we could find in the marketplace. As authors, we have found the marketplace lacking. We have found it difficult to get our work noticed by the Big 5, and we know that there is a need for another model. We hope to fit that need.

So here are 5 Reasons why you should work with a REPUTABLE Hybrid Publisher:

We Are Faster

you don’t have to wait for our spring, summer, or fall calendar to open up. We are here for you 24/7 and ready to accept your manuscript. And the turnaround time for actually getting your book on the market is significantly faster (compare 18 months to about 8 months).

You Are the Customer

When you submit your book to a traditional publisher, the customer is the reader. But when you submit to a hybrid company, you (the author) are the customer. That means that we are working hard for you, and care about what you think.

We Give You a Quality Product that You’ll LoveJust like the traditional publishing company, we have a team of professionals that are waiting to handle your book with care.

The Hybrid Model Can Be Very Lucrative for the Author

Because the royalty rates are higher with hybrid publishers, the author stands a high chance of making all of his/her investment back and then some.

Hybrid Companies Provide Editing Services

Most Traditional publishing companies will not provide editing services for your manuscript and expect it to be absolutely perfect for it to be chosen for publication. At A Thousand Lives Lived we will edit your manuscript and coach you on how to become a better writer.

Want to know more? Read the entire booklet here:

5 Reasons to Work with a Hybrid Publisher
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