Introducing Our Podcast Co-Host HAZEL DAINS

Updated: Jun 9

We are so excited to Welcome published author and witty blogger Hazel Dains as co-Host of our podcast, which is due to launch its first episode on May 2, 2022

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HAZEL is a published author, blogger, and book designer from Canada. Hazel started her career writing children's picture books, middle grade fiction, and short stories. Now she is writing adult novels, mostly within the realm of sci-fi. The most enjoyable part of writing for Hazel is the creation of people. She loves the opportunity to create other people who have problems [and sometimes even more problems] than she does herself. She loves to surprise her readers, and lead them down a unique path that hasn't been ventured upon yet.

She loves creating relationships between her characters, especially through active and emotionally heightened dialogue.

All that to say, writing has not always been easy for Hazel, and that is why she was drawn to this project. She wants to openly talk about the challenges of calling yourself an author, of writing momentous works that are then scrutinized by publishers, readers, and even fellow writers. It's a tough world for a writer. And Hazel wants to give back, based on what she had learned.

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introducing HAZEL DAINS

Hazel cannot remember a time when she wasn't writing. In her spare time in elementary school, she would pull out some blank sheets of paper and fold them together to create a children's story about a fox, a bear, or a mysterious spaceship.

After years of suffering from writer's block, Hazel has finally discovered the secret to unleashing the writer within her. And now she can't stop!

Hazel lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband and two small children. She doesn't find it very hard to find inspiration for her next story, staring out into the wild fields in her backyard. The possibilities are endless.

Find her on: Twitter @HazelDains or visit her website:

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