Short Fiction


Come to Me

a short story set in ancient Rome, by Hazel Dains.

From wealthy banker's son to rejected nobody, Simon's life had changed overnight.  All because of the new sect that now threatens the city of Rome.

And worse than the public humiliation, he risks loosing the only girl that he has ever liked, let alone loved, the beautiful mysterious daughter of a senator, Jamata.  

But when things go from bad to worse, Simon will have more than just his romantic entanglement to think about.

Finalist for the Top Historical Fiction eBooks of 2022

Short Stories?

The professionals at A Thousand Lives Lived have a deep respect for well-written exciting and dynamic short stories as an excellent way to read something quickly AND (more importantly, an amazing way to develop your skills as a fiction writer.   But as it is right now, there aren't very many opportunities in the industry to properly market a short story for any sort of monetary return.  Sure, writers can submit their short stories to prestigious literary journals (and absolutely should do this) but oftentimes those journals do not offer any remuneration, just publishing credit. 

That's why we have developed a platform for publishing and marketing SHORT STORIES.


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